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The wireless thermostat installation was the easiest control system installation I have ever completed. The hardware installation went flawlessly and adding the thermostats to the supervisory controller only took a couple of minutes. I was particularly impressed with the range and robustness of the wireless signal. The project is a two story concrete block building.

Thomas Rodriguez | B & I Contractors, Inc.

I have been selling the Viconics wireless products to multiple contractors on multiple jobs since it was introduced. Every one of these jobs has gone in without any tech support calls to me requesting assistance. It rare in this business to have a control system installed without a hitch but to have a wireless system go in seamlessly to me is unheard of.

Rick Freed | National Energy Control Corporation

Pete Cattie, application engineer for NECC has designed an automated HVAC control system in conjunction with Oliver Mechanical for Johnson Matthey (Morton, PA) a world leader in precious metal product. Viconics wireless was the only cost-effective way to deliver this project.

Pete Cattie | National Energy Control Corporation

High rise luxury condo tower in Las Vegas. The building construction is poured concrete and stone and is 18 stories high. The chief did say that “we were the fourth demonstration of wireless products and the only ones that could get the network to operate as intended.” The project fully supported by the operations staff and is currently under consideration by the board of directors.

Wade Wilson | Controlco

The Viconics ZigBee wireless¿product has allowed our system integrators and ESCO partners to install DDC in places that would traditionally be cost prohibitive due to the added overhead of network installations. Combine this with the ease of use, aesthetic form factor, traditional installation wiring and performance, this product is a real winner!

The Viconics Zoning System has “broken the mold” in the VVT zoning world by providing a tool-less BACnet enabled zoning solution. This solution allows our contractor partners and integrators to install a zoning system without any software or laptop required! This new push button programming approach is extremely beneficial and allows a broad range of personnel with varying skill sets to easily deploy and configure the product. Combine these benefits with the integration capabilities of the BACnet MSTP bus and the total value becomes unparalleled!

James F. Stiber | Control Consultants Inc.

Started up a zoning system yesterday. Works very well. I called Viconics to compliment them. The customer is quite happy with the set-up.

Lenny Zimmerman | Universal Supply Group

We have 3 jobs we are looking to install this setup. So far I am impressed.

David Smyers | Edward C. Smyers

Replaced failed control System. Found the system easy to install and setup. Thermostats are very responsive and have attractive display. The customer reports 110% better than the former system.

Jim Miller | Controls, SVL & Engineering Co. Inc.