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Electric Motor Calculator | Veris
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Motor Estimators

These tables use mathematically calculated values and are intended for use as a means of indicating expected values for Veris current sensors, power meters and similar product related uses. Values will vary in service with load conditions, condition, age and type of motor. The values shown are NOT equivalent to electrical code requirements. Please consult a qualified electrician for product sizing requirements based on locked-rotor amperes, etc.

To Use: enter data in value fields (gray region) and tab or mouse out of the field to update the answers.

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% Eff. %Amps A% Eff. %
% P.F. %% Eff. %% P.F. %
Volts V% P.F. %kVA kVA
1 Ph. Amps A1 Ph. HP HP

1 Ph. FLA

 A3 Ph. HP HP
3 Ph. Amps A
3 Ph. FLA A