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Shopping habits have changed dramatically over the past few years with required occupancy limits and mandated store closures. Now more than ever, retail buildings need to be smart about controlling energy costs to balance out reduced occupancy and store activity while also providing an ideal and safe environment for customers to shop.

Typical energy consumption in retail stores is mainly used for lighting, air conditioning and food refrigeration, however when you add to this the energy required for heating the sales floor and for water heating, we can see how energy costs can contribute substantially to the overall operational costs of a typical retail outlet.

As the evolution of in-store shopping continues to change, retailers need to be prepared to manage a more variable energy demand and improve their overall energy efficiency alongside rising energy costs.


The new Viconics VT8000 series room controller can be used to offset today’s rising costs by providing an easy, reliable and flexible retrofit replacement for older less efficient thermostats. Our VT8000 is specifically designed to bring a simple scalable solution to the retail market without the high costs or complexity often associated with other systems. The result is a solution that provides industry-leading energy savings, flexibility and comfort with very little maintenance required or disruption to regular operating schedules during installation.

With advanced pre-programmed sequences of operations, the VT8000 requires no extra programming is and can be installed without special software, tools or the presence of a network. This greatly reduces the installation cost and commissioning complexity while providing control functions immediately when powered on.

Further automatic energy saving benefits can be achieved with the use of the built-in occupancy sensor that automatically detects local activity. The built-in occupancy sensor prompts the unit to activate heating or cooling sequences only when occupants are present thus saving on unnecessary energy costs during off hours. This functionality along with configurable night setback features makes it an economical yet highly effective control solution.

Highly flexible, the Viconics VT8000 boasts numerous features which give you the power to choose options which will suit your personal requirements via our full color LCD display. You can customize language options, screen color, temperature scale, control buttons and even display your own custom logo or text prompts with a few simple clicks.

Viconics offers a simplified solution which brings together control, comfort and energy savings features in one simple yet powerful package that is Network Ready, BACnet®, ZigBee® or WiFi Wireless compatible.


The most unique feature of this system is its scalability. Our room controllers can be easily integrated into any open protocol building automation or property management system utilizing BACnet MSTP, BACnet IP. Our wireless protocols include WiFi to BACnet IP and ZigBee to BACnet IP. This provides significant flexibility when designing your solution. With room controller to BAS/PMS integration you can improve energy savings in through chiller and boiler plant optimization.