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The hospitality sector has been hit hard over the past few years by the reduction in visitor travel and increasing health and safety precautions. The hospitality market remains competitive and businesses need to continually examine how to effectively reduce operating costs and save energy. Hotels must balance the need to optimize energy usage alongside occupancy challenges while still providing a best-in-class experience for guests and ensuring a high level of environmental health and safety. It is critical that energy management methods do not cause any disruption to daily business or guest expectations and quality of service.

Energy efficiency and guest comfort can balance seamlessly with Viconics room controllers. The intuitive user interface allows guests to control their own environments while our occupancy sensor and simple programming ensures efficiency.


The VT8000 Series was designed to offer a powerful retrofit upgrade for fan coil, heat pump and PTAC units controlled by older mechanical or digital stand-alone thermostats. This series of room controllers includes a wall mounted thermostat, occupancy sensing, door switch, set point limitation, advanced flexible occupancy routines and other functions typically found in advanced controllers. The occupancy sensor and door switch in combination with an advanced occupancy algorithm assures maximum energy savings for unoccupied rooms or during housecleaning periods. For rooms which are booked, further energy savings may be obtained by automatically setting back the temperature to a stand-by mode when no motion is detected in the room. Now you can welcome your guest to a hotel room with ideal temperature and control while benefiting from optimum energy savings.


With no special toolsets or custom software required for configuration and commissioning, installation can be done quickly and easily by electrical or in-house maintenance staff.


Viconics room controllers can be easily integrated into any open protocol building automation system utilizing BACnet MSTP, BACnet IP. Our wireless protocols include WiFi to BACnet IP and ZigBee to BACnet IP. This provides significant flexibility when designing your solution. With room controller to BAS/PMS integration you can improve energy savings in through chiller and boiler plant optimization.

Our hospitality solution integrated with a property management system will improve energy savings and can reduce long-term service costs.