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R820 SCR Power Controllers | Viconics
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R820 SCR Power Controllers


Viconics’ R820 SCR power controller has been designed for safe and reliable control of electric heat loads. By offering a competitive price, the use of SCR’s is no longer an expensive proposition as was the case just a few years ago. As a result, this broad line of products is used by most major North American duct heater manufacturers. Input signal can be provided by DDC panel or Viconics’ own VT7225 thermostat.


- High efficiency, anodized heat sink improves heat dissipation
- Available from 48 to 600 Volts A.C., 25 to 75 Amps; single or three phase (two leg)
- Zero-cross firing minimizes interference to other loads
- LED to indicate proper operation
- Multi-input control signal (0-10 V d.c.; 4-20 ma d.c.)
- Quick connect, slave terminal to connect to R810 power switches
- UL and CSA approved

Model Selection

ModelMaximum VoltageAmperagePhase


Product Documents

R820 Technical Bulletinpdf