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VTR8350 Line Voltage Fan Coil Controller | Viconics
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VTR8350 Line-Voltage Fan Coil Controller with VC3000 Relay Pack for Retrofit Applications 


This two-component retrofit option consists of the VTR8350 terminal equipment controller and the VC3000 Relay Pack. Together, they provide an easy solution for retrofitting fan coil unit thermostats without requiring other components such as relays, transformers, controllers, sensors, and network wiring to be upgraded. Existing line voltage wiring between the fan coil unit and temperature Controller can be reused further minimizing overall labor and installation costs for both retrofit and new construction control projects. Additional flexibility and energy savings can be achieved with optional wireless door, window, motion and water leak sensors. An elegantly simple casing combines with configurable screen colors to match decor. Display your own logo and custom messages on screen to reinforce your brand and provide a more enjoyable occupant experience.


- Suitable for both commercial and hospitality markets and systems
- BACnet MS/TP communication standard on all models
- Customizable color digital touch screen interface wit multi-language support
- Fully programmable control sequences using scripts (Lua4RC)
- Advanced occupancy functions for commercial and lodging applications
- Configurable sequences of operation
- On board configuration interface utility
- Scheduler
- Change of value (COV) function for BMS integration
- Requires VC3000 relay pack
- Optional on-board relative humidity sensor and dehumidification control sequence
- Optional on-board PIR motion sensor
- ZigBee Pro communication module can be purchased separately (VCM8000V5000P)

Supported networking protocols

- BACnet MS/TP (B) (selectable)
- Modbus (B) (selectable)
- ZigBee Pro and ZigBee Green Power wireless mesh network (P) (optional with communication module purchased separately)

Model Selection

VTR8350A5000BAvailableLine-Voltage Fan Coil Room Controller: BACnet MS/TP, RH sensor & control 
VTR8350A5500BAvailableLine-Voltage Fan Coil Room Controller: BACnet MS/TP, RH sensor & control, PIR motion sensor  
VTR8350A5500BPAvailableLine-Voltage Fan Coil Room Controller: BACnet MS/TP, RH sensor & control, PIR motion sensor, ZigBee sensor built-in   
VTR8350A5500NAvailableLine-Voltage Fan Coil Room Controller: RH sensor & control, PIR motion sensor  


Product Documents

VTR8350 Datasheetpdf
VTR8350/VT8350 Application Guidepdf
VTR8000 User Interface Quick Start Guidepdf
VTR8350 User Interface Guidepdf
VT8000 Lua Programming Guidepdf
VT8000 Quick Reference & Product Selector Guidepdf
VT8000 Compatibility Matrixpdf
VT8000 Frequently Asked Questionspdf

Installation Guides

VTR8350 Installation Guidepdf
VC3000 Relay Pack Installation Guidepdf
VT8000 Replacement Procedure and Pair with ZigBee Sensorspdf

Integration Guides

VTR8350 BACnet Integration Guidepdf
VTR8350 Modbus Integration Guidepdf
VT8000 Facility Expert Integration Guidepdf
VT8000 ZigBee Sensors Integration Guidepdf

Engineering Guide Specifications

VTR8350 Engineering Guide Specificationspdf


VT8000 Room Controller Firmware and Release Noteszip
VT8000 Uploader Tool Firmware and Release Noteszip
VT8000 Uploader Tool Installation Guidepdf