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Line Voltage Fan Coil Terminal Equipment Controller | Viconics
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VTR7300 Line-Voltage Fan Coil Terminal Equipment Controller with Relay Packs 


The VTR7300 wall mounted controller features a digital display and built-in commissioning and configuration utility, temperature sensor and optional humidity and passive infra red occupancy sensor. No previous building automation training is required for the easy installation and commissioning process, which can be completed in about fifteen minutes, reducing overall delivered costs and providing increased savings.

The VTR7300 fan coil unit solution requires installation of only two components, the VTR7300 terminal equipment controller and the VC3000 relay pack. This allows reuse of existing line-voltage wiring between the fan coil unit and temperature controller, thereby reducing overall costs, labor, and installation time for both retrofit and new construction control projects.


- Suitable for commercial and hospitality markets and systems
- Available as a stand-alone unit with network ready functionality
- Available with ZigBee® wireless mesh network, BACnet MS-TP or Lontalk communication module
- Humidity sensor with on-board dehumidification strategy (Model dependent)
- Available with optional or factory installed passive infra red occupancy sensor cover
- Advanced occupancy functions for commercial and lodging applications
- Available with optional wireless door and window switches
(compatible with wireless communicating models only)
- Configurable fan sequence operation
- On board configuration interface utility

Model Selection

ModelHumidity Sensor for DehumidPIR CoverCommunication
VTR7350A5031 Stand-alone (network ready)
VTR7350A5031B BACnet
VTR7350A5531B  BACnet
VTR7350A5531P  ZigBee Pro
VTR7350A5531W*  ZigBee

*Model for replacement on existing projects only. Not compatible with current wireless offer, "P" version thermostats and gateways


Product Documents

VTR7300 Datasheetpdf
VTR7300 Installation Guidepdf
VTR7300 User Interface Guidepdf
VTR7300 Application Guidepdf
VTR7300 BACnet Integration Guidepdf
VC3000 Relay Pack Installation Guidepdf
VC3000 Relay Pack Specification Sheetpdf
VT7000 Series Quick Reference Guidepdf

VCM7000 Series Accessory Communication Module

VCM7000 Installation Guidepdf