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VT7300 ECM Fan Coil Controllers | Viconics
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VT7300 ECM Fan Coil Controllers


More and more engineers are commonly specifying fan coil units that function with electronically commutated motors, which offer better energy efficiency and reduced operating costs. The VT7300 ECM fan coil Controller allows you to capitalize on this additional energy savings by optimizing fan control sequences of electronically commutated motors. The Controller is optimized to offer full proportional operation versus the traditional three-speed tap operation. This wall-mounted Controller features an easy-to-read digital display and built-in commissioning and configuration utility, temperature sensor and optional humidity and Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor cover.


- Advanced fan sequence of operation
- Proportional Control Fan Mode
- Lockable keypads for tamper proofing
- Built-in PIR functionality
- Advanced occupancy functions
- Configurable fan functions
- On-board configuration setup utility
- Three configurable inputs

Model Selection

ModelDescriptionPIR CoverCommunication
VT7300F5031B-ECMECM Fan Coil Unit Control BACnet Analog Output Communication ModuleNoBACnet
VT7305F5031B-ECMECM Fan Coil Unit Control BACnet Analog Output HotelNoBACnet


Product Documents

VT7300 ECM Datasheetpdf
VT7300 ECM Installation Guidepdf
VT7300 Series User Interface Guidepdf
VT7300 ECM BACnet Integration Guidepdf
VT7000 Series Quick Reference Guidepdf
VT7000 Series Compatibility Matrix with ZigBee Pro Sensorspdf

VT7000 Series PIR Cover Documentation

VT7000 Series Installation Guidepdf
VT7300 Series Application Guidepdf