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VT7300 Low Voltage Communicating and Network Ready Fan Coil Convertors 


The VT7300 provides the advanced features and monitoring functions required by modern building automation systems without the use of software and commissioning tools. The VT7300 is a low voltage fan coil terminal equipment controller suitable for commercial and hospitality markets. It can also be used as a zone controller or mixed voltage solution.


- Protocol agnostic approach allows integration to virtually any system, transparently.
- One simple wall device to install, wire and commission vs. traditional controller / sensor combination.
- No custom programming required.
- Familiar "thermostat" look & feel and simplified configuration and installation.
- Local configuration utility provides field flexibility.
- Simplified, targeted "intelligent HMI" eliminates user confusion.
- Integrated occupancy features to address unique vertical market applications.
- Integrated changeover logic eliminates remote changeover device.
- Fewer models covering broad range of applications eliminate ordering confusion

Model Selection

Commercial (Override Occupancy)

ModelHumidity Sensor for DehumidOutputPIR CoverCommunication
VT7350C5031 Floating or on/offStand-alone (network ready)
VT7350C5031B Floating or on/offBACnet
VT7350C5531B Floating or on/off BACnet
VT7350C5531E 2x Floating or on/off Echelon
VT7350C5531P 2x Floating or on/off ZigBee Pro
VT7350C5531W* 2x Floating or on/off ZigBee
VT7350F5031 0-10 VdcStand-alone (network ready)
VT7350F5031B 0-10 VdcBACnet
VT7350F5531B 2x 0-10 Vdc BACnet
VT7350F5531E 2x 0-10 Vdc Echelon
VT7350F5531P 2x 0-10 Vdc ZigBee Pro
VT7350F5531W* 2x 0-10 Vdc ZigBee

*Model for replacement on existing projects only. Not compatible with current wireless offer, "P" version thermostats and gateways

Hotel/Lodging interface  

ModelHumidity Sensor for DehumidOutputPIR CoverCommunication
VT7355C5031 Floating or on/offStand-alone (network ready)
VT7355C5031B Floating or on/offBACnet
VT7355C5531B Floating or on/off BACnet
VT7355C5531E 2x Floating or on/off Echelon
VT7355C5531P 2x Floating or on/off ZigBee Pro
VT7355C5531W* 2x Floating or on/off ZigBee
VT7355F5031 0-10 VdcStand-alone (network ready)
VT7355F5031B 0-10 VdcBACnet
VT7355F5531B 2x 0-10 Vdc BACnet
VT7355F5531E 2x 0-10 Vdc Echelon
VT7355F5531P 2x 0-10 Vdc ZigBee Pro
VT7355F5531W* 2x 0-10 Vdc ZigBee

*Model for replacement on existing projects only. Not compatible with current wireless offer, "P" version thermostats and gateways


Product Documents

VT7300 Series Datasheetpdf
VT7300 Series Installation Guidepdf
VT7300 BACnet Object PIC statementpdf
VT7000 Series Quick Reference Guidepdf
VT7300 User Interface Guidepdf
VT7000 Series Compatibility Matrix with ZigBee Pro Sensorspdf

Integration Guides

VT7300 BACnet Integration Guidepdf
VT7300 Echelon Integration Guidepdf

Engineering Guide Specifications

VT7300 Engineering Guide Specificationspdf
VT7350 Engineering Guide Specificationspdf

VT7000 Series PIR Cover Documentation

VT7000 Series Installation Guidepdf
VT7300 Series Application Guidepdf


Current Release

VT7300 SeriesPIR Ready VT7300 Series (Bundle Change)
Model FormatVT7300X5x00E
Program ID80:00:C5:55:00:04:04:20
Revision LevelRev 3.0
APB - NXE - XIF file namesVT73_73_PIR.xxx
APB - NXE - XIF firmwarezip
Plug-in softwarezip
Device Resource Files (DRFs)zip

Previous Releases

VT7300 SeriesPIR Ready VT7300 seriesVT7300 series (RoHS)VT7300 series (Non-RoHS)
Model FormatVT7300X5x00EVT7300X1000EVT7300X1000E
Program ID80:00:C5:55:00:04:04:1D80:00:C5:55:00:04:04:1B80:00:C5:55:00:04:04:0B
Revision LevelRev 2.0Rev 1.0 to 1.3Rev 1.0 to 1.3
APB - NXE - XIF file namesT7X-FC-PIR.xxxT7X-FCr.xxxT7X-FC.xxx
APB - NXE - XIF firmwarezipzipzip
Plug-in softwarezipzipzip
Device Resource Files (DRFs)zipzipzip