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Providing a Comfortable Learning Environment

Posted on Tuesday Apr 04, 2023 at 10:49AM

When we talk about making a comfortable and conducive learning environment, we usually think about providing the tools and resources that teachers and students need in the classroom, such as books, learning materials, supplies, and other items. Another aspect that should get immediate attention is indoor air quality.

Common complaints from teachers, students, and staff may revolve around poor air quality, classrooms that are too hot or too cold, rooms with high humidity, and strange odors that enter classrooms from parking garages and bathrooms. By addressing these areas, schools can create the optimal environment for all students and staff while saving on operational costs and sticking to the school's established budget.

At Veris, we help schools improve indoor air quality by providing integrated HVAC management and control systems. With these sensors and tools, you can more accurately monitor indoor air and temperatures while reducing energy waste.

Humidity Control

Comfortable humidity levels in a classroom should be in the range of 40 percent to 60 percent. When the humidity is too high, the extra moisture in the air makes the school environment feel sticky and uncomfortable — especially when combined with warm temperatures. In addition, high humidity creates condensation buildup on surfaces, which may lead to mold growth that can damage wood or paper, irritate allergies, and create poor air quality. Ongoing humidity problems can lead to respiratory issues and structural damage.

Veris' HW2 Humidity Sensors attach to the walls inside the classroom to monitor the humidity levels. These wall-mounted devices offer 1% to 2% accuracy with interchangeable and easy-to-install elements. They are compatible with most systems and offer 3 usability options where you can use a touchscreen, LCD with buttons, or a blank surface. Always know what the humidity is in the classroom and adjust accordingly throughout the day with these easy-to-install sensors.

Temperature Control

Some school classrooms struggle to control the temperature effectively. You may have some rooms that are ice-cold, with students wearing their outdoor jackets, while other rooms are dry and hot. When school occupants are uncomfortable, students simply cannot concentrate on their lessons. Trying to effectively balance the temperature may be difficult with the existing system, and a full upgrade might be cost-prohibitive. Leaving the systems running at all hours doesn't solve the problem, either.

Temperature control sensors can help with identifying issues and taking back control. You can place sensors in the classrooms or have sensors within the ducts. Here at Veris, we offer both types of sensors. Our TW2 Series Temperature Sensors are wall mounted in the classroom to monitor classroom comfort. With 3 types of interfaces available, they control the HVAC systems while being network compatible. Teachers or maintenance can select the desired temperature or fan speed. If you want to monitor the temperature within ducts, our TD Series Duct Sensors are easy to install and corrosion resistant as you always know what the conditioned air temperatures are when entering classroom spaces.

Parking Garage Gas Monitoring

During the warm spring and early summer months, teachers may often open up classroom windows to bring in some fresh air. Unfortunately, the breeze that enters the classrooms may come from the direction of the parking garage or other facilities that could generate gasses. These odors can enter classrooms to lower indoor air quality.

The gasses can also cause serious health risks. Understanding gas levels that may be generated in these spaces is vital so that the proper remediation measures can be taken, such as increasing ventilation measures or limiting the number of vehicles that enter the spaces throughout school hours.

The GWNP Series Base with AG Series Sensors provides monitoring and gas detection services for your parking garage and other facilities at your school building. It is wired into the building controller through a mounting on the gang electrical box as the AG sensor is placed on the base. With this setup, it doesn't require having maintenance staff constantly entering the parking garage to monitor gas levels manually. Instead, the interface has colored LED lights to give an instant status as it has BACnet and Modbus protocols. You can have direct fan control or to DDC systems for better building management.

Veris: Providing Safer and Comfortable School Learning Environments

Inefficient HVAC and building management can create undesirable school classroom conditions for students and staff. Improving the air quality, controlling humidity, creating the right room temperatures, and preventing outdoor gasses from entering the school are all ideal objectives that building managers pursue.

With Veris Integrated HVAC monitors and sensors, it provides automatic controls exactly where you need them the most. You can control air quality and temperatures directly in the classrooms without disturbing the students or teachers. Learn more about our products by contacting us today.

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