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Calectro CAL-UG-7-A6O-120V Smoke Detection | Calectro Smoke DetectionC
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Calectro CAL-UG-7-A6O-120V Smoke Detection

110 to 120 VAC Optical Smoke Detector

  • Brand Name: Veris
  • Veris Part#: CAL-UG-7-A6O-120V
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Application Zone      :      Plant Room
Application      :      Smoke detection
Brand      :      Calectro
Dimension Depth      :      3.27" (83 mm)
Dimension Height      :      11" (279 mm)
Dimension Width      :      6.5" (165 mm)
Model      :      UG-7-A6O-120V
Mounting      :      Duct
Operating Temperature      :      32 - 100 °F (0 - 38 °C)
Outputs      :      Relay
Product Certification      :      UL Signalling Listed S24724 Fire Alarm Equipment | Listed: California State Fire Marshall
Product Type      :      Sensor
Relay Contact Ratings      :      Alarm initiation, Supervisory relay: 1.0 A @ 24 VDC | Alarm initiation, Supervisory relay: 1.0 A @ 120 VAC | Alarm auxiliary: 10 A @ 250 VAC | Alarm auxiliary: 1/2 HP @ 240 VAC | Alarm auxiliary: 1/4 HP @ 120 VAC
Relay Poles/Throw      :      Alarm initiation, Supervisory relay: SPST | Alarm auxiliary: DPDT
Warranty      :      2 years

Smoke entering a duct system will be dispersed throughout the entire building. Uniguard duct detectors utilize the photoelectric sensing method and are designed to sense the existence of smoke in the duct. This housing design, along with the detector technology, is capable of detecting unsafe conditions by sampling the air in the duct. When smoke is detected, the Uniguards relays provide a signal which may be used to turn off circulating fans, blowers and any other auxiliary devices that are connected to the system. This enables the management of hazardous smoke through the space being monitored by the duct detection arrangement. This Uniguard comes in two models: UG 7-A6O-24V operates with 24 VDC/AC and UG-7-A6O-120V with 120 VAC. Alarm and supervisory relay contacts are accessible to interface with a control panel, HVAC control, and multiple auxiliary functions including turning off the fan. The Uniguard can be installed on any side of the duct. The UG-7-A6O detector contains an intelligent controlling circuit. This circuit is adjusting the sensitivity to give an optimal function during the entire lifetime of the detector. When the controlling circuit can no longer compensate for contamination, a service alarm is indicated. UG-7-A6O has a linking function that allows interconnection between a maximum of 100 units. The linking function can close dampers or stop fans further away in the ventilation system, before the smoke has reached the places were the linked detectors are installed. When one of the linked UG-7-A6O goes into smoke alarm, all other detectors AUX relays are activated.

  • Highly efficient single sampling tube
  • Easy to install - single sampling tube allows quick installation, device can be installed on any side of the duct
  • Adjustable - automatic sensitivity adjustment
  • pdf Datasheet https://www.veris.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/UG-7-AGO_d0321.pdf