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Veris U013-0015 BACnet Converter | Veris Network & Communication Modul
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Veris U013-0015 BACnet Converter

MS/TP to IP BACnet Router with LX Model

  • Brand Name: Veris
  • Veris Part#: U013-0015
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Operating Temperature      :      0 - 60 deg C
Dimensions      :      3.80" (96 mm) W x 5.80" (146 mm) L x 1.6" (41 mm) H
Supply Power      :      12 - 48 VDC

U013-0015 BACnet routers provide access to all Veris BACnet MS/TP products over a network using BACnet IP protocol. U013-0015 (LX model) offers a faster operation speed and supports more BBMD entries. Integral web browsers enable quick and simple setup of network configuration and serial communication parameters. All three products provide easy translation of serial protocols to the corresponding network protocol without requiring any device-specific translation.

  • Easy setup - requires no product-specific configuration
  • Connect multiple devices to one network drop
  • DIN rail mounting - easy installation
  • MS/TP slave devices are discoverable via automatic slave discovery and built-in MS/TP traffic capture using Wireshark with web page display
  • pdf Datasheet https://www.veris.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/U013-0012_U013-0013_U013-0015_d1021.pdf