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White Papers
Veris offers you white papers to explain points of topical interest.
Check the list below to see what's of interest to you.
VWP01 Plenum Ratings
VWP02 Best Fit Straight Line Calibration
VWP03 Using Veris CO2 Sensors in LEED Certification
VWP04 Using Veris Energy Meters in LEED Certification
VWP05 Using Veris Flow Meters in LEED Certification
VWP06 Using Veris Humidity Sensors in LEED Certification
VWP07 Using Veris Occupancy Sensors in LEED Certification
VWP08 Using Veris Temperature Sensors in LEED Certification
VWP09 An Overview of the LEED Certification Process
VWP10 Integrated Power Management in Commercial and Industrial Spaces
VWP12 Lead-Free Compliance
VWP13 Variable Frequency Drives: An Explanation
VWP14 Pulse Reset Technology: More Accuracy and Reliability in DC Current Sensing
VWP19 CT Selection: Current Mode vs. Low Voltage
VWP21 Environmental Sensing Solutions for Air Handling Units
VWP22 Environmental Sensing Solutions for Variable Air Volume (VAV) Units