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Onesource Rewards Program
Enroll in the Onesource Rewards program to accumulate points toward free Veris products.

Onesource Rewards points are accumulated for each dollar spent, and redeemed for any qualifying Veris product at no dollar cost. The number of points earned varies depending on the number of distinct Veris product categories (excluding accessory categories) included on a single purchase. The more product categories represented on a single purchase the more points earned.

Points Multiplying
1 category = 1 point per dollar spent
2 categories = 2 points per dollar spent
3 categories = 3 points per dollar spent
... et cetera.

Example: Your purchase contains a total of four products, each from a different category. If the total cost of the purchase is $1000, you earn 4000 Onesource Rewards points.

Contact your Veris Sales Representative to learn more about Veris Onesource Rewards and to get started.

If you are currently enrolled in the Onesource Rewards Program, you may access the program after logging in with your account at Login.

If you have had a Onesource Rewards account in the past, or the account is inactive, please contact your Veris Sales Representative or the Veris Sales Department to check your account status.

Veris Onesource Rewards Program Terms and Conditions:

  • Customers must be enrolled in the Onesource program to earn points.
  • Veris reserves the right to grant or change eligibility on a customer by customer basis.
  • Veris Industries Onesource Program is valid for orders placed within the last two calendar years.
  • Points must be redeemed within 2 years of being earned. After 2 years, points will expire and cannot be reactivated.
  • Customers must have an active credit account with Veris in order to be enrolled in the Onesource program.
  • Customers will not be able to redeem points for product if their account is on credit hold.
  • Points will be earned when an order is placed and will be posted to customer’s Onesource account when the order is shipped.
  • Points are redeemed only on new orders. Points cannot be applied to open invoices.
  • Shipping costs on orders are the customer’s responsibility. Points cannot be applied to shipping costs.
  • Veris is not responsible for any tax or duties applied for products shipped against points.
  • Points have no cash value.
  • Veris retains the right to adjust account balances at any time.
  • Veris retains the right to hold an order at any time.
  • Points are forfeited when a contact leaves an organization. Points cannot be transferred, sold, purchased, brokered or bartered.
  • Veris is not responsible for and will not replace lost or stolen points.
  • Veris reserves the right to change or cancel any component of or the entire Onesource program at any time.
  • Changes to this program will be communicated exclusively through logged in access to individual Onesource accounts.