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Manage and Optimize Consumption with Visibility of Use

You can’t manage what you don’t monitor. A successful conservation plan starts with information gathering. The right information allows for trending, planning, identification & explanation of use, and the ability to diagnose and eliminate waste. Veris Industries provides the monitoring tools needed for measurement of electrical/thermal energy and water use.

Electrical Monitoring

From lighting loads to the central plant, electrical energy is the primary fuel for buildings. Veris provides a wide array of power and energy metering products, from the lowest installed cost of the Enercept (meter in a CT), to the easy to integrate E50H5 BACnet meter. Veris’ meters provide needed energy consumption data for the greatest impact on energy conservation.

Thermal Energy (BTU) Monitoring

Transportation of thermal energy through liquid is another commonly monitored and conserved form of energy. By monitoring both flow and the change of temperature in the system British Thermal Units can be calculated. Veris' 380 Series combines a turbine flow meter and BTU transducer (including temperature probes and a bronze T) into a single package, greatly reducing installation labor.

Flow Monitoring

Water consumption is a growing area of interest in building conservation plans. Water use accounts for approximately 13% of a facility's utility bill, making it an area for significant cost savings. Veris offers a wide selection of flow meters from versatile Small Diameter Impeller meters, to easy to install Ultrasonic meters that monitor and calculate the amount of water flow per minute.