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BACnet is an open communications protocol for building automation and control networks. The standards are controlled and/or referenced by ASHRAE, BACnet International, ANSI, and ISO.

BACnet is rapidly becoming the most popular protocol for building automation systems. Primary BACnet applications are systems and equipment used for heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning control, energy management lighting control, access control, and fire detection. It specifies mechanisms used by digital devices and building automation systems to exchange information and implement control algorithms.

BACnet Testing Laboratories was established by BACnet International to test products as per the BACnet standard and to support compliance testing and interoperability testing activities.

Many Veris products support BACnet MS/TP (over an RS-485 serial link) and some support BACnet IP (over Ethernet). The E50H2, E50H2A, E51H2 and E51H2A are certified by BTL for compliance with BACnet standards.

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E50Hx/ E51Hx DIN-Rail Energy Meters
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HWLP family Humidity Sensors
TWLP family Temperature Sensors
FSR family Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Badger 3000 Digital Flow Meters
Badger 380 Tee-type Flow and BTU Meters
Badger 340 Programmable Protocol Transmitter for Flow Meters
LD1500, LD2100, & LD5200 Leak Detector Panel
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