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Rogowski CT, 300 mm (12"), 600 V, 5000A, U018 equivalent

E683D502 $242.75 EA

  • Overview
  • Series Specifications

The E683 flexible rope style CTs measure AC current up to 5000 Amps. The coil opens at the connector junction for fast and easy installation onto an existing cable or buss-bar. The twist locking feature makes the connection secure and the flexible core makes it easy to fit in tight enclosures.

The E683 series works exclusively with the E2xxx & E5xxxA power and energy meters. These meters have a built in power supply and integrator, so CT connection is fast and simple.


  • Data logging
  • Recording
  • Power monitoring
  • Energy management
  • Alternative energy monitoring
  • Cost allocation

Rogowski coils represent an easy to use alternative technology to solid- and split-core CTs.

Rogowski coils are best suited in applications without high harmonics. Typically, Rogowski use would be discouraged in applications with Variable Frequency Drives, DC converters like those used in solar, and lighting (LED, CFC) applications.

The following represent the best practices and requirements to deploy a Rogowski coil:

  • Confirm the load does not contain high levels of harmonics
  • Confirm the meter can interpret Rogwoski data
  • Coils should not be bent further than their natural shape or wrapped multiple times around a cable to prevent permantent damage and loss of accuracy.
  • For maximum accuracy the measured cable should be at the center of the Rogwoski coil.
  • 9 inch length, 3.13 inch diameter
  • 8Ft lead
  • Frequency Range 50Hz to 1.5kHz
  • Temperature Range -15° to 60°C (5° to 140°F)
  • Humidity Range 0-95% non-condensing
  • Insulation Class 600VAC*
  • U018 equivalent

*Do not apply 600V Class current transformers to circuits having a phase-to-phase voltage greater than 600V, unless adequate additional insulation is applied between the primary conductor and the current transformers. Veris assumes no responsibility for damage of equipment or personal injury caused by products operated on circuits above their published ratings.