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Bi-directional DIN-mount Energy Meter with Modbus RTU serial communication. Includes Watt-hours pulse and alarm outputs.

E51C2 $988.66 EA

  • Overview
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The E51C2 bi-directional Modbus RTU DIN Rail Meter combines exceptional performance and easy installation to deliver a cost-effective solution for power monitoring applications.  The bi-directional monitoring feature is designed expressly for renewable energy applications, allowing measurement of power imported from the utility grid as well as power exported from the renewable energy source (e.g. solar panels). In this way, a facility administrator can track all energy data, ensuring accuracy in billing and crediting.


Serial communication via Modbus RTU provides complete accessibility of all measurements to your Energy Management system.  The E51C2 can be easily installed on standard DIN rail, surface mounted or contained in an optional NEMA 4 enclosure, as needed. The front-panel LCD display makes device installation and setup easy, and provides local access to the full set of detailed measurements.  A Real Energy (Watt-Hours) pulse output and phase alarms provide additional versatility.  



  • Energy monitoring in building automation systems
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy management
  • Commercial submetering
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Cost allocation


  • Bi-directional metering (4-quadrant)...allows net metering
  • CSI approved
  • DIN rail mounting option...easy installation
  • ANSI 12.20 0.2% accuracy, IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S...great for cost allocation
  • Real energy output and phase loss alarm output...one device serves multiple applications
  • 90-600 VAC...application versatility with fewer models to stock
  • Bright backlit LCD...easy visibility in dark enclosures
  • Compatible with CTs from 5A to 32000A...wide range of service types
  • User-enabled password protection...protect from tampering
  • System integration via Modbus RTU…convenient compatibility with existing systems



  • Control Power, AC: 50/60 Hz; 5VA max.; 90V min.; UL Maximums: 600V L-L (347V L-N ); CE Maximums: 300V L-N (520V L-L )
  • Control Power, DC: 3W max.; UL and CE: 125 to 300VDC (external DC current limiting required)
  • Voltage Input: UL: 90 V L-N to 600 V L-L ; CE: 90 V L-N to 300 V L-L
  • Current Input
  • Scaling: 5 A to 32,000 A
  • Input Range: 0 to 0.333 V or 0 to 1 V (selectable)


  • Real Power and Energy 0.2% (ANSI C12.20, IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S)


  • Real Energy Pulse: N.O. static
  • Alarm contacts: N.C. static
  • Serial Communication: RS-485 2-wire Modbus RTU (1200 baud to 38.4 kbaud)


  • Mounting: DIN Rail or 3-point screw mount, NEMA 4 enclosure optional


  • Operating Temperature Range: -30° to 70°C (-22° to 158°F)
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
  • Humidity Range: <95% Relative Humidity, noncondensing