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Multi-Circuit meter with 4 x 3ph meter, or 12 channels, Modbus RTU only (RS-485)

E34A04 $1,404.00 EA

  • Overview
  • Series Specifications

The E34A Modbus Series Multi-Circuit Power Meter provides a flexible cost efficient solution to monitoring multiple meters. With a single device, and a relatively small space, it is possible to install from four 3ph (or 12 single phase) meters, up to twenty-eight 3ph (or 84 single phase) meters. E34A will monitor current, voltage, power and harmonic distortion (THD). This enables a user to allocate energy cost and have basic power quality monitoring to improve efficiency and identify potential early wear and tear through the harmonics. 


Firmware 1.026 addresses a commissioning issue where setting a CT rating after attaching the corresponding channel to a logical meter will lead to the rating being ignored until the meter is restarted.

Download Firmware HERE


  • Commercial and residential sub-tenant billing
  • Multi-dwelling units
  • Load-based cost allocation
  • Overload protection
  • Energy management


  • ANSI & IEC Class 0.5% accuracy, ideal for tenant billing
  • Low equipment and installation cost per metering points
  • Possibility to assign measurement channels as needed for the site: each channel can be assigned to a 3ph, 2ph or single phase meters. EG: A (4) 3ph meter E34, can be a (4) 3ph meter, (8) 2ph meter, (12) single phase, or any mix like (1) 3ph with Neutral + (1) 3 ph + (2) 2ph + (1) 1ph meters which amounts to 12 channels equivalent to (4) 3ph meters.
  • Space saving size fits most electrical cabinets
  • Low voltage Current Transformers (CTs) offer a safer and more accurate alternative to 5A CTs and shorting blocks
  • Communications: E34A models use Modbus RTU to interfaces with the majority of Energy and Building Management Systems (EMS, BMS)

Voltage Inputs

  • Measurement Voltage: 90 to 300 Vac line-to-neutral, 50/60 Hz
  • Control Power: 90 to 277 Vac line-to-neutral, 50/60 Hz, 8 VA


  • Power/Energy: IEC 62053-21 Class 0.5, ANSI C12.20 class 0.5
  • Voltage: ±0.5% of reading 90 to 277 V line-to-neutral
  • Current: ±0.5% of reading from 2% to 100% full scale


  • Sampling Frequency: 2560 Hz
  • Update Rate: 2 seconds (both panels)
  • Overload Capability: 22 kAIC


  • Physical Interface: DIP switch-selectable 2-wire or 4-wire, RS-485
  • Protocols Supported: Modbus RTU
  • Address: DIP switch-selectable address 1 to 247 (in pairs of 2)
  • Baud Rate: DIP switch-selectable 9600, 19200, 38400
  • Parity: DIP switch-selectable NONE, ODD, EVEN

Terminal Block Torque

  • Removable Connectors: 4.4 to 5.3 in-lb (0.5 to 0.6 N-m)

Operating Conditions

  • Operating Temp Range: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) (<95% RH non-condensing)
  • Storage Temp Range: -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)
  • Altitude of Operation: 3000 m
  • Mounting Location: Indoor use, dry location


  • Limited Warranty: 5 years

Compliance Information

  • Agency Approvals: UL508 open type device, IEC/EN61010-1
  • Installation Category: Cat III, pollution degree 2