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Enercept Flex Meter,RS485,Mb/BAC, 3Ph4W IEC (International) Wire Color. Enercept Flex Meter,RS485,Mb/BAC, 3Ph4W IEC (International)Wire Color

E23C6 $735.37 EA

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The Enercept FLEX E20 Series 3-phase electrical power meter provides a unique solution for measuring energy data. Designed with the user in mind, the E20 Series offers maximum application flexibility for retrofit applications. The E20 Series is compatible with Veris current transducers (CT) split-core (E681/H681/U004) series, solid-core (E682/U004 series) and Rogowski Coils – rope style (E683 series). The meter will also support .333V third party CTs and Rogowski Coils. The E20 Series has amperage support from 5 to 5000 amperes, often allowing installers to utilize existing CTs with the meter.

Adding to its versatility, the E20 has a wide input range of 90 to 480 VAC, alleviating the ned to keep multiple models in stock. The meter’s small form factor enables installation in existing panels with limited space, and does not require external mounting or the expense of extra enclosures or conduit runs, the ideal submeter for cost allocation and other applications. Communicating models support auto detection of baud rate, parity, and protocol for Modbus® RTU and BACnet® MS/TP which save on installation and configuration. The Enercept comes with standard communication output commonly supported by automation systems and data loggers. 

Rogowski coils represent an easy to use alternative technology to solid- and split-core CTs.

Rogowski coils are best suited in application without high harmonics. Typically, Rogowski use would be discouraged in applications with Variable Frequency Drives, DC converters like those used in solar, and lighting (LED, CFC) applications.

The following represent the best practices and requirements to deploy a Rogowski coil

  • Confirm the load does not contain high levels of harmonics.
  • Confirm the meter can interpret Rogowski data.
  • Coils should not be bent further than their natural shape or wrapped multiple times around a cable to prevent permanent damage and loss of accuracy.
  • For maximum accuracy, the measured cable should be at the center of the Rogowski coil.

-  High reliability with ANSI C12.20 0.2% accuracy, IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S

-  Modbus and BACnet protocols along with uni-directional and bi-directional feature sets in one
   unit....simplifies ordering and stocking options

-  Compatible with multiple CT form factors (Split-Core, Solid-Core, and rope-style Rogowski U018)

-  Amperage measurements from 5A to 5000A...support a wide range of service types

-  90 to 480 VAC...application versatility with fewer models to stoc

-  DIN rail or screw mount options (with included mounting bracket)...easy installatio

-  Native Modbus  and BACnet MS/TP support with serial rates up to 115.2 kbaud

- Rotary dials on meter face allow for quick and easy setup & configuration with or without power

Technical Drawing Files