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Impeller Meters

Veris impeller meters are designed to be your most reliable and cost effect liquid metering solution. The most versatile meter in the category is the Small Diameter Impeller (SDI) series. It requires a small one inch opening and has minimal fluid obstruction for low pressure loss. Reliability is enhanced with a stainless steel impeller and standard with an ultra hard tungsten-carbide shaft and polyamide bearings. Besides frequency output the SDI series can provide analog and scaled pulse outputs and optionally contain an LCD flow display right on the meter. The Standard Impeller series requires a two inch opening. The forward swept impeller is Nylon and the standard shaft and bearings are tungsten-carbide and polyamide. Many other material options are available for those exotic applications. All impeller meters have frequency output but can be used with a Veris transmitter for a wide range of outputs and protocols.