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Duct CO2 Sensors
Duct mount CO2 sensors in both deluxe and economy versions. Choose LCD, Humidity Sensor and Temperature Sensor Options if required.
Wall CO2 Sensors
Wall mount CO2 sensors in both deluxe and economy versions. Choose LCD, remote mount humidity sensor and temperature sensor options if required.
Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide sensors designed for exhaust fan control in parking garages available in wall, duct, and central station configurations.
Current Switch
Binary output current sensors offering either an open or closed contact that changes state upon failure and on/off conditions.
Current Switch with Relay
Binary output current sensors with an integrated relay for contactor control. These devices combine the start/stop and status functions into a single labor and space saving device.
Current Transducer
Analog output current sensors providing a signal corosponding to actual amperage draw of the monitored load. Provided in a wide range of amperages and available with convienient slide switch range selection.
Current Transducer with Relay
Analog output current sensors with an integrated relay for contactor control. These devices combine the start/stop and status functions into a single labor and space saving device.
Field Mount
Perfect for fractional horsepower motors such as small fans or recirculating pumps these devices combine the start/stop and status function in an eclosure optimized to save space in a handy-box or other electrical enclosure.
AC Load Status
Designed to detect motor failure of an exhaust fan controlled by a light switch these products determine the difference between an off light switch and a burnt out motor. A digital status signal is provided to a controller and indicated by a dual color LED.
Variable Frequency Sensor
Specifically designed to monitor VFD powered fan and pump motors these sensors compensate for the unique wave form characteristics to provide either digital or analog signals to your automation system.
DC Current Transducer
Sensors providing both a 4-20mA and a 0-5VDC analog signal.
Impeller Meters
Veris impeller meters are designed to be your most reliable and cost effect liquid metering solution. The most versatile meter in the category is the Small Diameter Impeller (SDI) series. It requires a small one inch opening and has minimal fluid obstruction for low pressure loss. Reliability is enhanced with a stainless steel impeller and standard with an ultra hard tungsten-carbide shaft and polyamide bearings. Besides frequency output the SDI series can provide analog and scaled pulse outputs and optionally contain an LCD flow display right on the meter. The Standard Impeller series requires a two inch opening. The forward swept impeller is Nylon and the standard shaft and bearings are tungsten-carbide and polyamide. Many other material options are available for those exotic applications. All impeller meters have frequency output but can be used with a Veris transmitter for a wide range of outputs and protocols.
Monitors and Transmitters
Monitors and transmitters receive flow data from meters in frequency format. The data is converted to a useful format such as analog or one of many protocols. It can then be displayed on an easy-to-read LCD screen and/or sent to a building or process control system. Energy monitors and transmitters also accept dual temperature sensors and combine it with flow data to output thermal energy ( BTU) information. Veris monitors and transmitters accept signals from most meters and can display and transmit information in almost any communication format.
Veris offers a full line of transit time ultrasonic flow meters to satisfy a variety of applications. These products feature non-invasive technology designed to provide superb accuracy and response characteristics, making your job successful and cost effective.
Electromagnetic (mag) meter
Nutating Disc Meters
Veris offers a complete line of Duct mount humidity sensors. Wheather you need a NIST traceable unit for a pharmacuitical lab or a low cost model for a competitive bid..
Available in deluxe or economy versions Veris Outdoor Air Humidity sensors provide rugged durability with an easy to install design.
Available in Deluxe and Economy versions, Veris wall mount humidity sensors accommodate a full range of applications. If a local display is needed for a critical application or a low profile housing is required to resist impact you will find it (and more) here.
HP and HN probe type sensors have analog outputs with optional temperature sensing capability.
Replacement Element
The replacement humidity sensing element makes servicing Veris humidity sensors convenient and simple.
Zone Leak Monitor Panels
Monitor up to 1000 feet of sensing cable per zone with an LED designating the zone where a leak is detected.
Distance Read Monitor Panels
Monitor up to 5000 feet of sensing cable. When a leak is detected, the panel pinpoints the distance along the cable to the physical location of the leak, eliminating search time
Spot Leak Detectors
Spot detectors are useful for confined areas where a leak may occur.
Sensing cables detect the presence of conductive fluids in contact with the cable surface. Nonsensing cables are used to extend the control panel's monitoring area.
Complete Kits
Ceiling Mount
Ceiling mounted sensors maximize motion sensitivity, with a 360 degree field of view and up to 2000 square feet of coverage area.
Wall Switch
Wall mounted sensors are easy to install with a 1000 square foot coverage area and a 180 degree field of view.
Data Acquisition Systems
AcquiLite and AcquiSuite data acquisition systems offer a single device to log energy data from multiple sources.
LonTalk Integration Nodes
Connect several transducers to a LonWorks network using the H8920 Series of integration nodes
Modbus Converters
The Flexible I/O Module has eight inputs, each user-configurable to accept pulse or analog data.
Network Display
The Network Display module acts as a display tool for Modbus data. It can be connected to up to 63 data collection devices.
BACnet Converters
High Density
Meters designed to monitor multiple circuits for applications where high desity power distribution exists.
Single Circuit
For applications where independent measurement of single or three phase circuits is needed. Veris provides multiple products designed to meet your application requirements.
Control Transformers
Veris Control Transformers are a convenient source of control power for building control systems. Multiple styles with single and dual threading options are available for application flexibility.
DC Power Supplies
DC Power Supplies are ideal for supplying loop power to Veris sensors. Compatible with standard DIN rail, these devices are easy to install, and the small size saves space in tight enclosures.
The PX and PW series dry and wet media differential pressure transducers combine field selectable sensing ranges, field selectable output types, and other unique features to provide the easiest to install, lowest lifecycle cost pressure sensors available. Often used in duct static pressure monitoring, building pressure monitoring, and water system pressure monitoring these innovative products are ideal for HVAC control applications and more.
The EP Series Electro to Pneumatic transducers allow a digital control system to control a pneumatic device. Popular for pneumatic damper actuators the EP Series receives 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, Tri-State and PWM inputs and controls branch pressure as commanded. The products feature a local display of branch pressure and are equipped with override ability and many more convienient features.
The PG and PE series gauge pressure transducers accept a 1/4" NPT connection and provide an analog signal corrosponding to pressure.
Specialty Gauge
Digitally controlled gauge pressure transducers and display models offer enhanced capabilities to fit a wide range of applications.
The Victory series of enclosed relays are provided in a convienient to mount labor saving enclosure. The product can be nipple mounted to a knockout in an electrical enclosure eliminating the need to run hazardous voltages in conduit between your controller and load. These products are available in 10A or 20A models with and without Hand Off Auto switches.
Track Mount
The VST Series track mount relays are available in both 2.75" and 4" lengths to fit standard track mounts. These convienient panel mount relays are available in 10A or 20A varieties with and without a Hand/Off/Auto Switch.
DIN Mount
Veris offers a full line of DIN mount Socket relays. These products are available in a standard configuration ("C Series") or full featured ("F Series") which comes with an LED, Contact Flag, Push to test, and Override lever for conclusive troubleshooting and local control.
Solid State
Solid state relays provide long term durability advantages especially in applications where constant switching occurs.
Time Delay
Time delay relays for your relay logic and other applications. Available in configurable or pre-set variations.
Humidity Control
Humidity transmitters and humidistats offer a convenient method for humidity control in occupied spaces. Increase comfort by efficiently regulating interior moisture levels.
Batteries and Antennas for Viconics wireless products.
The TC Series ceiling mount temperature sensors are ideal for space temperature applications where hot and cold spots are hard to avoid. Avoid temp influences such as windows and mobile influences such as copy machines by getting out into the middle of the room and high enough to avoid common sources of thermal offset.
The TS Series of recessed temperature sensors is ideal for applications where a low profile temperature sensor is required. Commonly used in museums and school rooms the TS series slight profile pleases architects and building owners alike. It is available in most commont thermister types.
Veris provides a wide array of duct temperature sensors for your HVAC applications. From standard flange to units with electrical enclosures and specialty enclosures Veris can meet your duct temperature sensor needs.
Immersion temperature sensors and thermo-wells are available with or without electrical enclosure. Choose from a duct type enclosure, standard service entry body and threaded NPT options. Most standard thermistors are available.
Outdoor temperature sensor with analog or resistive output and water resistant housing and solar shield.
Veris provides Duct Averaging, Pipe Clamp Mount, and Remote "Bullet" Probe sensors rounding out a line that will meet your needs in temperature monitoring.
VAV Discharge
The TJ series provides a flange mount duct temperature sensor with 5' of plenum rated wire already attached to the sensor. This eliminates the need to splice plenum rated wire to standard wire as would be required with a standard duct sensor in many VAV Discharge applications. The TJ series is available with 4" and 8" probes and most standard resistive types.
Wall Mount
These wall mount temperature sensors feature a disceet appearance combined with high accuracy and reliability. All are attractive enough for any interior environment. Installation and wiring are easy, with the housing mounting flush to the wall or to a single-gange junction box.
Billing Software
Current & Power
Fuses, DIN rail kits, cables, adapters and more to facilitate your current monitoring applications.
Communicating 'Stat
Many environmental sensors can have improved performance using accessories, such as pickup tubing for dry pressure sensors, calibration kits for CO and CO2 sensors and more.
Flow monitoring devices can be enhanced or repaired using these products.
Leak Detection
For added safety and convenience, these devices can be used in conjunction with your flow monitoring system.
Complete your project with these relay accessories which include DIN rail, DIN clips and other parts.